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Yury Luzhkov again accuses Sibneft of trying to seize the Moscow oil market

Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov once again accused Sibneft of “showing a clear desire to seize the Moscow oil market”. Speaking on Friday at a meeting with heads of enterprises and organizations, industrialists and entrepreneurs in Moscow, Luzhkov said: «We will not give anyone the opportunity to seize both the production and the oil market in the city.» The conflict between the Moscow authorities and Sibneft, which owns a large stake in the Moscow refinery, broke out in the summer. Some media outlets reported incomplete capacity utilization of the enterprise, linking this with the position of Sibneft. Yuri Luzhkov told reporters at the time that «a difficult moment arose over the desire of Sibneft to participate in the oil business of Moscow.» On August 7, the Moscow mayor announced that «the situation with the petrol business in Moscow was resolved.» At the same time, he added that “Moscow is ready to work with Sibneft as a partner, but not as the owner of this business.” On the same day, Sibneft press secretary Alexei Firsov said that the company was «very interested» in having the Moscow Oil Refinery «work normally.» According to him, Sibneft has invested more than $ 200 million in the purchase of a 37% stake in the plant, and therefore a full-fledged capacity utilization of the refinery corresponds to its interests. Reports RIA «News».

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