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Gazprom again asks the government to raise gas prices

The management of Gazprom has once again appealed to the government with a request to raise gas prices, fearing a fall in capitalization. This is stated in the materials of the brokerage company «Financial Bridge».

According to the draft budget of Gazprom, its revenues in the current year will amount to 1.04 trillion. rubles, including revenues from gas exports — 555.9 billion rubles, revenues from gas sales in the domestic market — 219.1 billion rubles.

At the same time, the volume of debts that must be repaid in 2003 will amount to 193.2 billion rubles, including repayment of loans and loans in the amount of 141.6 billion rubles, bonds to 18.7 billion rubles. and bills — by 27.6 billion rubles. In addition, the investment program of Gazprom for 2003 is 196.2 billion rubles. (previously planned in the amount of 204.5 billion rubles.), and the total cost — 1.17 trillion. rub.

In December 2002, Gazprom planned the volume of loans in 2003 in the amount of 120 billion rubles, but revised its plans in connection with the resulting budget deficit. Now the company intends to attract loans totaling 130 billion rubles, of which long-term loans will amount to 33.9 billion rubles, short-term loans — 21.8 billion rubles, bonds — 59.2 billion rubles. And even in this case, Gazprom lacks 7.5 billion rubles.

A board of directors of Gazprom will be held on February 4, which is to approve these figures. According to Gazprom’s calculations, if the state does not meet it in the matter of raising the gas price by at least 33.5%, the company’s capitalization will decrease significantly, while the cost of the state-owned package will decrease by $ 7.5 billion.

At the same time, the officials believe the monopolist could save on administrative expenses, which are provided in the amount of more than $ 1 billion, expenditures on advertising and support for sports ($ 100 million). In addition, Gazprom could sell non-core assets worth more than planned (6 billion rubles).

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